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We believe you deserve better.


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"My name is Henrique Cemin, I'm a swine nutritionist, and I took the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program with Marcio for the last couple of months. Even though I had training in swine nutrition, I decided to take the course for a few reasons. I wanted a refresher on the basics of swine nutrition, which was well covered in the first few modules of the program. I also knew that Marcio had a lot of experience, and he is a specialist, particularly in sow nutrition. Therefore, I wanted to learn from the best and understand his viewpoint on those topics. I was also looking forward to the live sessions. Whether there was an invited speaker or a Q&A session, I appreciated the fact that our group was a mix of students and production nutritionists. There was a wide range of experiences shared, and we had many good discussions. If you're interested in swine nutrition and learning more about it, I recommend you look into the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program."

Dr. Henrique Scher Cemin
Swine Nutritionist

"The Elite Swine Nutritionist Program was just what I was looking for. As a veterinarian, new within the last year to the swine nutrition world, it definitely helped me gain a better understanding of everything that goes into a successful feeding program. We discussed formulation, as well as implementing a program, but also there was a lot of discussion around scientific information that's available and how that helps you make a decision for your production company or your clients. It gave us tools for critical troubleshooting, which I'm sure will be very helpful in the future with clients. It also gave us a wonderful network of a community of folks within the industry. We had some really fruitful conversations and these are peers that I will rely on in the future I'm sure, when questions arise. If you're curious about the program, look into it, I think it's a wonderful opportunity. If you would like to develop your skills in swine nutrition as well as establish a pretty neat network of folks within the industry."

Dr. Sara Hough
Senior Regional Technical Services

"Thanks again for what you are doing for the industry."

Dr. Gonzalo Castro

"Dissemination of scientific information contributes to improving decision making processes, especially when interventions are required; ultimately, this should result in performance improvement."

Dr. Cesar Corzo
Associate Professor, University of Minnessota

"You have developed a unique approach to communicate with the swine industry. It is impressive."

Jim Long
CEO, Genesus

"The information you are posting is very helpful for producers"

Kim Browne
Saskatchewan Pork

"I just wanted to say I really enjoy the information. The favorite book section is of particular interest as it helps me to make sure I am keeping up with the books I need"

Dr. Jordon Gruber

"I want to tell you how much I learn and enjoy the Swine it podcast. They have been good listening as I harvest here in Illinois "

Dan Carroll
Caroll Family Farms

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