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Meet the hosts

Dr. Trey Kellner

Dr. Trey Kellner is the Swine Nutritionist and Managing Partner for AMVC Nutritional Services. He currently oversees the feeding program for over 175,000 sows and 2,000,000 market pigs per year in 12 states across 40 plus feed mills. Dr. Kellner grew up in rural Western Kansas and found an early interest in swine nutrition by managing a modest show pig operation and observing his dad manage a cooperative feed mill. He attended Colby Community College and the University of Nebraska and obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. in Animal Science under the tutelage of Dr. John Patience at Iowa State University. Trey adds value from the board room to the slat level. He develops and executes successful feeding programs and predicts economic and performance outcomes. He works in tandem with primary caretakers, production managers, veterinarians, central feed desk employees, and feed mill managers to ensure the correct feed gets to the correct pig at the correct time. Most recently, Trey was honored with the 2020 Young Alumni of Distinction Award by the Animal Science Department at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, the 2022 Midwest Section of the American Society of Animal Science Outstanding Early Career Agribusiness Award, and the 2023 Alpha Gamma Rho Grand President’s Award. Trey currently resides in Audubon, Iowa
with his wife Heather and four-year-old son Theo and one-year-old daughter Dylan.


MSc. Jerry Purvis

Jerry received his Master of Science in Nutrition from North Carolina State University and serves as Director of Feed Operations for NG Purvis Farms, an NC pig production company. He manages formulation, feed manufacturing, and the farm-level execution of feed programs. Over the last 20 years, his focus has been on feed manufacturing protocols that support and improve sow and pig performance while increasing overall profitability. His expertise in purchasing, husbandry, feed mill science, and formulation affords him the ability to make nutritional decisions that give the best net return over feed costs. Jerry enjoys spending his free time at the beach with his wife and four children.


Tara Donovan, DVM, MS

Tara Donovan is a Swine Veterinarian currently working as an independent consultant for Donovan Veterinary Service LLC in New Zealand since September 2023. With 24 years of experience, she served as Vice President of Health Management for The HANOR Company, a US pork producer with operations in seven states. Her responsibilities included overseeing preventative health care programs, managing a veterinary team, and developing animal well-being initiatives and employee animal care training.

Tara specializes in swine preventative health programs, biosecurity for disease prevention, and disease improvement and eradication programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in animal science from the University of Nebraska (1995), a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University (1998), and a Master of Veterinary Science Degree in Livestock Systems Health from the University of Illinois (May 2023). Tara has been an active member of various veterinary organizations and received several awards for her contributions to the field.


Daniel Linhares, DVM, MBA, PhD

After 8 years of field experience in Brazil, he joined Iowa State University in 2015 and serves as Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Education. Daniel works with the Field Epi team (, which includes 25 professionals centered on graduate education and professional services on development and evaluation of strategies to improve swine health & productivity. His group has over 300 publications/participations in meetings over the last 5 years, having worked closely with veterinarians and pig producers representing > 3 million sows.


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The secrets of successful swine feeding programs - Dr. Mike Tokach

"You can feed and raise pigs in a lot of different ways, and there's no single magical way of setting the ingredients that have to be used."

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Optimizing sow retention - how to do it right - Dr. Kyle Coble

"Sow mortality is a very complex and multifaceted issue that certainly will not be fixed with one silver bullet."

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The secrets behind biosecurity and disease containment - Dr. Karine Talbot

"Too often we keep asking who is responsible for biosecurity on pig farms. My answer is "everyone": you can't have great biosecurity without everyone's compliance"

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Meet the founder

Dr. Marcio Goncalves

Dr. Marcio Goncalves earned his veterinary degree from UFRGS, a top university in Brazil, and his PhD in applied swine nutrition from Kansas State University and worked as Global Nutritionist for one of the major swine genetic companies where he led nutrient requirement updates, diet formulation & feeding program for nucleus farms, development of nutritional economic models, and reviewing diets from over 100 customers. Currently, he is the founder of Wisenetix, the largest network of podcasts in the agriculture industry.

He has over 15 years of experience in swine production with exposure to over 20 countries and 120 research studies in pig nutrition/production and his life purpose is to create a positive impact in the world through knowledge dissemination in the global ag industry.

Additionally, he is a member of the Non-Ruminant Nutrition Symposium Committee at the American Society of Animal Science. More information can be found at Google ScholarResearch Gate, and LinkedIn.