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Clayton Chastain

Clayton Chastain earned his B.S. in Animal Sciences from Purdue University in 2017, and his M.S. in Swine Nutrition in 2019. He has worked as Swine Research Coordinator for United Animal Health, where he gained experience in trial design and management, diet formulation, and data collection and analysis – among many other aspects of swine research. Currently, he works as a Swine Nutrition Technical Analyst for Swine it.

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Dr. Mike Tokach

Distinguished Professor, Kansas State University

''Knowledge is power! Dr. Marcio Gonçalves is one of the bright young minds in the swine industry. His ability to distill complex problems and opportunities into information for the pork industry makes his podcasts a valuable resource.''e.''

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Associate Professor, University of Minnessota

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Director of Animal Science, National Pork Board

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