If you want to be good at something, start with the basics. In this course, you will find the step by step to tread your path in the swine industry as a swine health professional.

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Dr. Jessica Seate

+ Jessica Seate is an animal veterinarian, swine professional, and the Director of Veterinary Science at Animal Science Products Inc. Throughout her career, she has provided high- level scientific support to swine operations and innovations around the world, as well as technical services and tools to leverage swine health platforms. Her research and teaching at universities has been aimed at enteric diseases and pre-harvest food safety in swine,. and she is currently, working towards earning her Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science at the University of Illinois.

Dr. Rebecca Robbins

+ Dr. Rebecca Robbins has earned her BS, DVM and PhD degrees from North Carolina State University, and has received the Allen D. Leman Science in Practice Award. Throughout her career, she has provided veterinary services for two integrated pork production companies and . was part of a swine production management team as advisor of applied research. Dr. Robbins is currently a solopreneur who provides consultation and applied business solutions to animal health companies and swine producers.