In this remarkable introduction guide, Sara Pardall demystifies comprehensive terms and acronyms used in the swine production industry and spins them into understanding. Along the course, Sara explores the more commonly used terms detailing swine production. She discusses the implications of terms like 'sow', 'gilt', 'biosecurity', 'PSY' and 'parity', and how these parameters drive the prosperity of modern pig farms. Extended to more specific terminology used in breeding, they discuss practices like 'AI' and 'PCAI' and other relative factors. This conversation is nothing short of illustrative and enlightening - a must-listen for all intrigued by swine production.

The "Common Terms in Swine Production" course is your golden ticket to comprehending the often intricate language of the swine industry.  

What you’ll learn:

- Comprehensive insights into frequently used swine production terms;

- The significance and implications of these terms;

- Ways these terms and practices shape the success of modern pig farms.

What you will find here

+ 5 exclusive full immersion classes

+ Classes for the practical application of contents

 + Complementary Contents

+ 100% Online Classes

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Common Terms In Swine Production


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Sara Pardall

+ Sara Pardall holds a bachelor's degree of Animal Science from Iowa State University. She has over 8 years of sow farm management experience including managing teams in order to achieve KPI targets and objectives. Her areas of expertise include team development, and coaching, motivating, and training employees on the farm level. Sara enjoys making new connections with other swine industry professionals, to share knowledge and ideas to further the development of the industry.