introduction to pig production

2022 | 8 episodes


Professor: Clayton Chastain, Msc.

From facilities to health, you will learn the basic concepts of managing breeding, farrowing, nursery, and grow-finishing facilities. More than that, you will see how to differentiate different breeds, how pork production and demand are distributed across the globe, and critical points to consider to improve pig performance and health. The key to a successful pig production system is not just high-performance pigs, but also high-performance people.

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What you will find here

  • 12 exclusive full immersion classes
  • Classes for the practical application of contents
  • Complementary Contents
  • 100% Online Classes
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Clayton Chastain earned his B.S. in Animal Sciences from Purdue University in May of 2017 and stayed at Purdue to earn his M.S. in Swine Nutrition in 2019.

After earning his M.S., Clayton worked as Swine Research Coordinator for United Animal Health where he gained experience in trial design and management, diet formulation, data collection and analysis, and many other aspects of swine research.

Currently, he works as a Swine Nutrition Technical Analyst for Swine it.

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