From Feed to Profit: Economic Strategies for Swine Nutrition Management

This program focuses on the dynamic relationship between swine nutrition and financial analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of how the former impacts the economic success of a swine production.


Elevate Your Profit Margins with Expert Nutritional Strategies

Throughout the course, you will gain practical guidance and valuable insights to revolutionize your approach to swine nutrition – feed costs and their influence on profitability, benchmarking as a tool for understanding the economic landscape, and performance optimization through careful examination of nutrition and economic guidelines are among the covered key topics.

It is also emphasized how overall performance can be improved through feed distribution, ingredient quality, the manufacturing and delivery processes, and feeding procedures. Upon completing the course, participants will be able to identify areas for improvement and strategically enhance their operations by exploring profit factors like mortality rates, finishing costs, and pig cost per head. This course is brought to you by Dr. Steve Pollmann, a lead expert in the swine industry!

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From Feed to Profit: Economic Strategies for Swine Nutrition Management


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Dr. Steve Pollmann


+ Current: Principal Owner at DSP Consulting LLC.

+ Past: Senior Vice President, Support Operations at Murphy-Brown LLC.; General Manager at Circle Four Farms


+ Ph.D., Animal Science (University of Nebraska)

+ B.Sc., Animal Science (Utah State University)