Swine Nutrition Blackbelt #16 - Lysine recommendations for grow-finish pigs - maybe we aren't feeding enough

pig diets pig industry swine diets swine industry swine nutrition swine nutritionist May 26, 2022

Nutrient recommendations constantly need to be reviewed and updated as genetics change over the years. Lysine, being one of the most critical nutrients pigs receive, definitely deserves some special attention. In this episode, Rafe Royall and I talk about his study identifying the optimal lysine level for grow-finish pigs to maximize growth and maximize income over feed cost for certain genetic lines. It only takes a few minutes to see how you may need to feed more or less lysine to your pigs!

Meet the guest: Rafe Royall, growing up in the show pig industry, coupled with a background in livestock judging, and involvement in research as an undergraduate led Rafe to pursue graduate studies in swine nutrition. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a minor in Chemistry from Texas Tech University in 2020, as well as a Master’s degree in Animal Science from Kansas State University in 2022. His Master’s research focused on determining Lysine requirements for certain swine genetic lines throughout the growing and finishing phases to develop prediction equations to maximize growth and profitability. He is currently continuing his education at Kansas State University to receive his Ph.D.