Swine Health Blackbelt #3 - Dr. Edison Magalhães: How can we improve our current PRRSV regional control programs?

disease challenge disease control pig industry production and management swine health swine health blackbelt swine industry May 25, 2022

Controlling and minimizing PRRSV outbreaks is a major priority for farms everywhere. We currently have PRRSV regional control programs to better regulate how to respond when challenged or exposed to PRRSV. In this episode, Dr. Clayton Johnson talks with Dr. Edison Magalhães who is currently working on a proposal for a new updated program that may help with PRRSV monitoring and the development of action plans to combat it’s spread.


Meet the guest: Dr. Edison Magalhães is a Ph.D. student at Iowa State University. He first received his DVM back in 2015 in Brazil and remained in Brazil working in the swine industry for BRF as an extension veterinarian. In 2019 he started attending ISU where he received his M.S. in Veterinary Preventive Medicine under Dr. Daniel Linhares and has since remained there to continue his education.