An act of modernization

swine o'clock Sep 20, 2022

Supporters of the Ag labor reform were again calling on the Senate to take up the Workforce Modernization Act in a press conference at Capitol Hill on September 15. Members urged for a solution for the growing food crisis and increasing prices, while action has been stalled awaiting a bill from Senators Mike Crapo and Michael Bennet.

  • The Farm Workforce Modernization Act is to create a workforce solution for America’s agriculture industry (check out more about it here).  
  • By creating a secure and reliable agriculture labor program, this legislation removes opportunities to work illegally in the US, strengthens border security, lowers food costs for Americans, and ensures a stable, legal workforce for farms and ranches for years to come.

This week’s Consumer Price Index report shows that Americans are facing the highest food price inflation since 1979. So in the middle of the crisis, it’s necessary that Senators Crapo and Bennet file their Senate bill building on the work the House has already done, so the country can have a solution.

  • The National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, the National Milk Producers Federation, and many others have declared how important it is to move the Act forward, because that’s the only way immediate relief to agricultural producers and consumers can be provided.