#146 - Dr. Sue Burlatschenko: Mindsets and preparation for entering the veterinary industry - an expert's perspective

pig industry swine industry swine veterinarian vet school May 24, 2022

Any industry expert knows how nerve-racking it can be to start your first job after graduate school or veterinary school. Everyone expects you to be an expert and have all the answers, but there are some things you are definitely still learning. Dr. Sue Burlatschenko knows that feeling because she felt it herself when she first started out. Now after owning her own practice for several decades she reflects and shares her advice with Dr. Greiner about ways to overcome that stress and learn to be an industry leader yourself.



What you will learn:

1. Advice for youngs veterinarians

2. Developing a routine

3. Mentally preparing for disease outbreaks

4. What to do to prepare yourself for the veterinary industry

5. Being an “on-call” veterinarian

6. Organizing record keeping

7. Key Points

Meet the guest: Dr. Sue Burlatschenko graduated with a B.Sc from the University of Guelph and a DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College. She worked in a mixed practice for 3 years, spent the next three with the Ontario Government working on a pork industry initiative program and then returned to private practice where she began her solo swine consultancy in 1990. She obtained her Diplomate status in Swine Health and Production in 2005 and a Master of Public Health in December 2013. She was the first veterinarian in Canada to diagnose PED, which provided more than enough experience with a novel disease outbreak.