Biosecurity in the real farm: Practical tips

This comprehensive course delves deep into swine health and disease prevention, focusing on biosecurity in the swine industry. Throughout the course, you'll explore a range of essential topics, including the implementation of biosecurity measures, the importance of quarantine and isolation protocols, and the significance of sourcing pigs from reliable suppliers with up-to-date diagnostics. This course goes beyond theory, offering practical insights into effective farm access control, regular animal testing, cleaning and disinfection protocols, and mortality management practices. By the end of this course, you can expect to be well-equipped with the knowledge and tools, from facility design to daily observations, to ensure the health and productivity of your swine operations. Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to gain practical insights into the world of biosecurity in swine farming while learning from Sara Pardall, who has extensive experience in the field.

Our course deepens into swine biosecurity, emphasizing keeping our animals healthy and thriving. Learn how daily biosecurity practices can prevent diseases and promote the well-being of your herds. 


What you'll gain:

+ In-depth knowledge of swine health and disease prevention;

+ Practical tips for implementing robust biosecurity measures on your farm;

+ Expert insights into mortality management practices.

What you will find here

+ 5 exclusive full immersion classes

+ Classes for the practical application of contents

 + Complementary Contents

+ 100% Online Classes

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Biosecurity in the real farm: Practical tips


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Sara Pardall

+ Sara Pardall holds a bachelor's degree of Animal Science from Iowa State University. She has over 8 years of sow farm management experience including managing teams in order to achieve KPI targets and objectives. Her areas of expertise include team development, and coaching, motivating, and training employees on the farm level. Sara enjoys making new connections with other swine industry professionals, to share knowledge and ideas to further the development of the industry.