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Dr. Yanbin Shen

Ten years study, work, and research experience in animal industry. Specialized in animal production, nutrition technology, functional food and feed ingredient research and application. Excellent research, time management, problem solving skills and negotiating skills. Experiences in technical service and product marketing. Highly motivated and goal oriented with an ability to learn new information quickly. Demonstrated capability to communicate effectively.

Dr. Sung Woo Kim

Dr. Sung Woo Kim, who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1999, has become a leading figure in monogastric nutrition research and currently serves as a Professor of Nutrition at North Carolina State University. With over 239 peer-reviewed publications and numerous accolades, including awards from the American Society of Animal Science and the American Society of Nutrition, his contributions have significantly impacted the understanding of intestinal health and nutrition in monogastric animals.

Leandro Hackenhaar

Leandro Hackenhaar is an agronomist graduated from ESALQ/USP, Brazil, with a master's degree in Animal Nutrition from the same institution. Currently serving as a Global Technology Leader, he also holds a key position in Global Strategic Marketing and Technology at SMTC, alongside his role at Cargill Nutrition & Health (CNH). Previously, Leandro directed the Brazilian College of Animal Nutrition (CBNA) and engaged in impactful research at the Center of Advanced Research in Agricultural Economics (CEPEA-ESALQ/USP), also accumulating valuable experience in animal nutrition and additives at companies like DSM-Tortuga, Ajinomoto, Evonik, and Agroceres.