The "TED Talks" of the global swine industry

December 6 and 7, 2023

SwineTalks is the online event that recharges your energy and gives you the motivation you need to take the next step.

The SwineTalks

SwineTalks is the most innovative web congress in swine production. Held annually, its purpose is to bring together some of the biggest names in swine production in a single place.

At SwineTalks, over 20 professors and experts present over 6 hours of high-level content, sharing their know-how, their experience, and providing valuable tips that will accelerate your personal and professional development.

Here, you’ll find the necessary tools to apply everything you have learned and boost your results.

Those who take part in SwineTalks experience thinking outside the box all year round.


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Check the SwineTalks "format"

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SwineTalks was an outstanding format for providing a broad range of highly applicable content. When I first registered I was cautiously optimistic, but was impressed by the actual product. I personally enjoy being exposed to a variety of topics and SwineTalks met that need for me! Will absolutely participate again and will look to possibly have more of my team participate next year.

Dr. Justin Fix, Acuity Swine
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Dr. Chris Hostetler