The "TED Talks" of the global swine industry

December 6 and 7, 2023

SwineTalks is the online event that recharges your energy and gives you the motivation you need to take the next step.

Get ready for the energy of SwineTalks 2023!

December 6 and 7, 2023.

Meet the brilliant minds who are confirmed for the event that will transform the way you think!

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Dr. Benny Mote

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Dr. Billy Flowers

NC State University

Jonathan Van Blarcon

Lancaster Swine Health Services

Dan Bussières

Groupe Cérès inc.

Dr. Darlene Bloxham


Dr. Guilherme Preis

University of Minnesota

Dr. John Carr

Carr Consulting

Jodi Oleen

Jodi Oleen Consulting

Dr. Karine Talbot


Dr. Lauren Glowzenski

Trioak Foods Inc.

Mark Knauer

North Carolina State University

Dr. John Htoo


Dr. Ruben Decaluwe

Trouw Nutrition

Dr. Amelia Naher

Swine Consultant

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The SwineTalks

SwineTalks is the most innovative web congress in swine production. Held annually, its purpose is to bring together some of the biggest names in swine production in a single place.

At SwineTalks, over 20 professors and experts present over 6 hours of high-level content, sharing their know-how, their experience, and providing valuable tips that will accelerate your personal and professional development.

Here, you’ll find the necessary tools to apply everything you have learned and boost your results.

Those who take part in SwineTalks experience thinking outside the box all year round.


SwineTalks was an outstanding format for providing a broad range of highly applicable content. When I first registered I was cautiously optimistic, but was impressed by the actual product. I personally enjoy being exposed to a variety of topics and SwineTalks met that need for me! Will absolutely participate again and will look to possibly have more of my team participate next year.

Dr. Justin Fix, Acuity Swine
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Dr. Chris Hostetler

SwineTalks 2021

Pig Production Outside the box

The experts:

Dr. Roger Campbell

"Lessons and hints for current researchers and industry leaders."

Dr. Jordan T. Gebhardt 

"Phytase – how to compare apples to oranges and effectively make decisions."

Dr. Megan Edwards

"Sow Nutrition, Colostrum, and the Transition Phase."

Dr. Rebecca Robbins

"How to eat an elephant – and other lessons from PEDv."

Todd Heisterkamp

"Prop 12 in California and the possible impacts in the industry."

Dr. Márcia Barbosa

"Women in science: an inconvenient truth."

Dr. Dean Boyd

"The blame lies on nutrition."

Dr. Adam Moeser

"How early life stress affects health throughout the lifespan."

Dr. Tara Donovan

"Creating connections, not barriers."

Dr. Steve Kitt

"The correct attitude is about bringing the right attitude, at the right time, and with the right audience."

Dr. Tri Duong

"Postbiotics: new interests in an established technology."

Dr. Rick D'Eath

"24/7 pig growth, behaviour and health monitoring using machine vision."

Dr. Laura Batista

"Divergent thinking in the swine industry."

Dr. Mark Giesemann

"More than mortality."

Ilias Kyriazakis

"A glimmer of hope: reducing the environmental impact of pig systems."

Maria Pieters

"Eyes on disease elimination."

Dr. Mike King

"How microbes will change our world – the big picture on little things in an evolving era."

Dr. Montserrat Torremorell

"Changing paradigms in influenza control."

Flavia da Veiga

"The science of happiness."

SwineTalks 2020


The experts:

Dr. Li Mu

"A personal perspective: swine industry update after ASF"

Phil Hord

"What keeps the new generation of pork producers up
at night!"

Dr. Lance Baumgard

"The What, Why and Physiologic Cost of Leaky Gut Syndrome"

Dr. Jack Britt

"The Future of animal protein"

Dr. Zhikai Zeng

"Update on Chinese feed biosecurity"

Dr. Steve Pollman

"Critical elements of successful management"

Dr. Michael Ellis

"Compensatory growth in pigs"

Dr. Casey Bradley

"Are your solutions fixing real problems?"

Dr. Fredrik Sandberg

"Economics of feeding for growth and performance vs. health and immunity"

Dr. Daniel Linhares

"Disease management, monitoring, and forecast"

Dr. Luis Corbellini

"COVID-19, FMD and ASF: what can we implement to get better?"

Dr. Scott Dee

"Science through the lens of a bass guitarist"

Dr. Joe Crenshaw

"Herd health and immunity through dietary intervention"

Dr. Satoshi Otake

"The Japanese Effect"

Kyla Ripley

"Getting the most out of high-performing animals with high-performing teams"

Dr. Leon Broom

"Exploiting the power of the microbiome"

Dr. Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt

"The 3 pillars of biosecurity"

Dr. Deanna Sellnow

"Communicating during crises"

Dr. Jennet Remus

"The little enzyme that could – phytase yesterday, today and tomorrow"

Jarrod Plants

"Feed Mill preparedness to help prevent the spread of

Sawyer Whisler

"How you can share to advocate for our industry"

Dr. Joaquim Segales

"Emerging diseases"

Michael Noonan

"Empowerment, mindset, and taking action"

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