It looks like it and tastes like it, but is it really pork? 🥓


It looks like pork and it tastes like pork… but is it really pork? The first-ever "marbled cultivated pork loin" has been produced. Yes, you read that right! Novel Farms, Inc. – a food technology startup based in Berkeley, California – has announced it has created a cultivated pork loin that displays the marbling and mouthfeel of a real muscle cut.

  • Most cultivated meat companies focus on making sausages or burgers – but the real challenge is mimicking conventional cuts like beef and pork, and only a handful of companies in the world have been able to showcase prototypes.

Novel Farms says it solved the structuring problem of the process by developing a proprietary microbial fermentation approach that produces edible and highly customizable scaffolds, but with a reduction of 99.27% in costs – which accelerates the movement towards commercialization.

Researchers say their goal is to speed up the widespread adoption of cultivated meat and its benefits by producing 'hard-to-resist' whole muscle cuts that meet customer demands and expectations.


Keep ’em coming! 💸

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Not just a matter of taste

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