Zinc, copper, or probiotics - what is the best antimicrobial for pigs? Dr. Wes Schweer

antibiotics diarrhea pig production probiotics and prebiotics zinc Nov 02, 2021

Hi there - Preventing bacterial infection in the young piglet is critical for all farmers as they have weakened immune systems in the early stages of their life. In the past we used antibiotics until antibiotic resistant strains became more prevalent. Now zinc oxide is the most used antimicrobial feed additive during the nursery period but is it the most effective method? In today’s talk with Dr Schweer, he discusses alternative feeding strategies for preventing bacterial infection of the piglet.


What you will learn:

1. Dr. Schweer’s work with antibiotics

2. Difference between probiotics and prebiotics

3. Mortality studies

4. Zinc and copper studies

5. Zinc alternatives

6. Planning for antimicrobials in the future

7. Post-wean diarrhea

8. Take-home message

Meet the guest: Dr. Schweer earned his doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees in animal science from Iowa State University, while also working for more than four years as a graduate research assistant. While at ISU, he authored or co-authored several peer-reviewed swine research publications and 20 conference proceedings and papers related to swine production and nutrition. In 2018 he joined Zinpro as a swine research nutritionist.