Wean-to-finish mortality: non-infectious causes - Dr. Jordan Gebhardt

research Mar 10, 2020


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“If we want to make improvements in mortality as an industry, certainly science we need to continue to advance that ask the quality of research questions to learn more as an industry, but I think an important part of it that sometimes slips our mind is understanding the people aspect of it, and the importance that the people within our production systems have on the overall performance of our system.” – Dr. Jordan Gebhardt.

Today’s episode will cover “Wean-to-finish mortality: non-infectious causes”.

Our guest is Dr. Jordan Gebhardt. Dr. Gebhardt graduated with high honor from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Animal Science and was a member of the Honor’s College. In addition, Jordan completed two internships in the animal health and nutrition industries. He completed both his DVM and Ph.D. (swine nutrition) at Kansas State University in 2019 and is currently a post-doc there.

What you will learn:

The economic impact wean-to-finish mortality; Rapid-fire questions: short questions about anatomic abnormalities, toxicity, animal factors, facilities, season, nutrient deficiencies, and management factors; What separates successful swine professionals from those that are not.

Jordan’s favorite poultry-related book: Diseases of Swine

Jordan’s favorite book in general: Farmer Boy

This episode was published by Lauro Faccin & Laihane Almeida.