We ain’t even got nails left… 💅

swine o'clock Mar 17, 2023

🇺🇦🇷🇺 We bit all of them watching the situation unfold! According to government officials, Ukraine will stick to the terms of the agreement it signed last year on the 120-day extension of the Black Sea grain export initiative.

     • While Russia claims the extension was actually for 60 days only, the time after which either party may raise the issue of the termination of the deal, Ukraine notes that the agreement clearly stated that extensions were possible for a minimum of 120 days and the original agreement should be amended if parties wanted to change that.

🚢 Kyiv says it wants to extend the deal by at least one year, considering its worldwide importance, and that they want the city of Mykolaiv's ports included. Click here to read more about it.