UK pig production trends - Sebastian Casiro

around the world Jan 13, 2020

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“Most of the regulations that the New Welfare Code is asking us to do, 95% of the producers are already doing that. The only one that will need some time [to figure it out] is the banning of the farrowing crates… they stated only the intentions for that, we do not know when it’s going to happen.” – Sebastián Casiró.

Today’s episode will cover “UK pig production trends”.

Our guest is Sebastián Casiró, Production Director at Yorkwold Pigpro LIMITED, holds a DVM from the University of Buenos Aires, and a Master’s Degree in Animal Science at Michigan State University.

What you will learn:

Hot topics today in UK; Rapid-fire questions: short questions about the current situation; Differences between pig production in UK and Argentina; What separates successful swine professionals from those that are not.

Sebastián’s favorite swine-related book: The Genetics of the Pig

Sebastián’s favorite book unrelated to swine: Thinking, Fast and Slow

This episode was published by Lauro Faccin & Laihane Almeida.