Ingredient digestibility in swine nutrition: tools we can use to improve it - Dr. Pedro Urriola

alternative ingredients animal research pig diets pig production swine nutrition Aug 30, 2021


''Whatever you change in pig diets, make sure you can measure the outcomes you are expecting.'' - Dr. Pedro Urriola

What you'll learn:

     1. Alternative ingredients

     2. Different phases of production

     3. Finding the digestibility coefficient 

     4. Steps to improve digestibility

     5. Enzymes

     6. Response to different nutrient requirements

Meet the guest: As a Ph.D. student at Dr. Stein's lab at the University of Illinois, Pedro Urriola gained experience in swine nutrition research. His graduate course work at the University of Illinois focused on nutritional biochemistry, concepts in animal nutrition, nutrition of dietary fiber and essential fatty acids, regulation of food intake, and lactation biology. His professional long-term goal is an improvement of human well-being through research in agriculture by understanding the regulation of the nutrient metabolism of farm animals. Dr. Urriola is now a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul.

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