The most delicious feed out there (or so the pigs say)

swine o'clock Sep 29, 2022

Today’s swine industry is more unstable than a pork lover without bacon, with tighter legislations, changing practices, labor shortages, and volatile prices. But one thing is certain: a healthy piglet equals profit and efficiency.

  • So if your farm is experiencing higher costs, an increased need for antibiotics, issues with pathogens and diseases, or challenges with mortality during early life… Nutrition is a major step towards a solution!
  • Next to good farm and health management practices, nutrition is a pillar that you simply can’t afford to neglect. 

When it comes to piglets, what you really need is a feed that can reduce their need for treatments and mortality levels – your stress, too;  increase profitability; save your time and money; and secure the future of your business.

Milkiwean Vital Start, by Trouw Nutrition, is a safe and delicious feed program (or so the piglets say) that contains all the right amounts of amino acids, fiber,  protein, and specialty ingredients. But most of all, Milkiwean Vital Start is created by those who know that piglets shouldn’t be fed based on knowledge for grown pigs, but rather on cutting-edge research aimed at weaned piglets.