The master of all classes

swine o'clock Sep 09, 2022

Let’s pause here for a sec: how many times have you attempted to stay up to date with the latest research and the hottest content in the swine industry, searched online for a high-quality course… and found nothing? 

  • Now, imagine how good it would be if you could not only have access to the best courses, but if all of them were available on a single platform and accessible with a single membership subscription.

Well, this tool has a name: Swine it + – the “Netflix of the swine industry,” specially designed to solve your problems and meet the needs of the best, and the busiest, of the industry – your needs. It’s coming soon… 

  • And to start it all out, we’re hosting a master class on 10 strategies to advance your career in the swine industry. The event will be online, free, exclusive, and will take place on Wednesday, September 14, at 11:03 AM CST. To guarantee your spot, click here – but don’t delay: learning the strategies to become the professional that companies are looking for can’t wait, and seats are being taken fast