#186 - Emily Erickson: Animal welfare audits: are you prepared for them?

swine it podcast Feb 28, 2023

Everyone in the swine industry is ethically responsible for protecting our animals as well as promoting their welfare, safeguarding natural resources, and producing safe food. Once we do that, we keep building and improving our customer relationships, because we receive their trust. That's why internal and third-party audits and certification programs are so essential – and to answer many of the questions on pork producers' and managers' minds when it comes to the matter, I talk with Emily Erickson. Ms. Erickson has vast knowledge and experience in that area and in this episode, she explains what the different types of audits are, what an animal welfare audit looks like, and how auditors are trained.


What you’ll learn:


1. Animal welfare audits

2. What a packer audit is

3. Third-party auditors: who are they?

4. Differences between assessments and auditions

5. How often should we do an internal audit?

Meet the guest:

Emily Erickson


  • Current: Environmental Specialist at Nobles County Minnesota.
  • Past: Head Of Human Resources at Wakefield Pork; Animal Well Being and Quality Assurance Manager at New Fashion Pork.


  • B.Sc., Animal Science (South Dakota State University)

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