#172 - A tribute to Dr. Ken Stalder

swine it podcast Nov 22, 2022

Dr. Ken Stalder was a legend and an icon in the swine industry. He dedicated much of his life to bettering the lives of pigs and the lives of the people working with pigs. Just as he dedicated his life to the pork industry, we are dedicating this episode to him. In this episode, Dr. Steve Moeller comes on to share some thoughts and memories about Dr. Stalder to reminisce on all he has done for all of us in the pork business.


What you’ll learn:

  1. History with Dr. Ken Stalder
  2. Ken’s legacy
  3. His thoughts on the next generation of graduate students


Dr. Ken Stalder passed away unexpectedly on October 24, 2022. Ken was a mentor, colleague, collaborator and friend to many, many people. Check out this obituary compiled by Iowa State University colleagues about Dr. Stalder's outstanding career.