What skill sets are needed to be a successful manager today? - Fred Kuhr

biggest lessons key points labor challenges management pig production production and management technologies Nov 23, 2021

No production facility, or any business, can be effective without quality employees. Arguably the most important part of any manager’s job is to understand your employees and to provide an environment that is conducive to efficiency, flexibility, and technological adaptation. In today's talk with Fred Kuhr, he discusses how best to address labor challenges, keys to finding quality employees, and how to help employees help us.



What you will learn:


1. Labor challenges


2. Help to teach people with little background


3. Proficiency testing


4. Interviewing people to work with livestock


5. Helping with people skills


6. Coaching employees and managers


7. Information resources


8. Encouraging efficiency


9. Utilizing technologies


10. Big opportunities in sow production


11. Changes in the last 15 years


12. Key points


Meet the guest: Fred is currently the Production Supervisor for Dykhuis Farms in Holland, Michigan. Fred started his 40-plus-year pig production career with National Farms and before working for Dykhuis Farms he was the Director of Production for Carthage Veterinary Services. He has also worked in senior production director roles at Heartland Pork, The Maschhoffs, and Professional Swine Management.