Streamed knowledge

swine o'clock Sep 16, 2022

Imagine your money and time were invested in the best source of knowledge available online. Now imagine that investment takes you to the next level in the swine industry and leverages your career, all while saving precious time you could be spending with your family instead. Sounds amazing, right?

  • Now imagine that tool had a name – it’s called “Swine it+”! Check it out here.

With the “Netflix of the swine industry”, you have access to the best courses, available on a single platform, and accessible with a single membership subscription. Swine it+ is the key for staying up to date with the latest research and the hottest content in your area.

  • It’s just been launched! To guarantee your +70 hours of content and bonus material, click here – but don’t delay: promotions and discounts won’t be available for long, and seats are being taken fast