Swine it Podcast #137 โ€“ Stephen Hall: What needs to change with sow herd management? A European perspective

breeding gilts/sows gilts pig production sow longevity sows sows performance swine production Mar 24, 2022

Managing a sow herd is arguably the most complex aspect of swine production to manage. Each sow needs individualized attention to maximize performance and rebreeding success. In today’s talk, Dr. Laura Greiner and Stephen Hall discuss different management strategies and practices that can help get the most out of our sows and our employees.


What you will learn:

1. Retention rates within sow herds

2. Gilt longevity

3. Tolerance in rebreeding failures

4. Key points

Meet the guest: Stephen Hall has been working in pig production for more than 50 years. He has worked multiple positions within the industry from the farm level as a production manager, to the office level managing the office side and business analytics. . As an International Pig Data Analyst, Production Strategist, and writer at his company, Stephen Hall Management Quill & Pig Limited, his main goal is that his clients develop an evidence-based business strategy to maintain a financially and environmentally efficient production system while continuing to dignify the workforce and maintain a high level of integrity.