Sow feeding and research: Do’s and Don’ts - Dr. Laura Greiner

research Feb 09, 2020

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“(…) not the kind of animal we wanted to put into a farrowing house because she would be more likely to crush her litter and not effectively comfortably fit in the stall. We started to transition away from the back fat because as we looked at that female and really spend some time with her, the reality was that she was a leaner derived female and yet we were treating her like she was more fat and lean.” – Dr. Laura Greiner.


Today’s episode will cover “Sow feeding and research: Do’s and Don’ts”.

Our guest is Dr. Laura Greiner, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University. Dr. Greiner holds a  Master of Science and a PhD both in Swine Nutrition and Immunology at Iowa State University then a Postdoctoral Training in Microbiology at the University of Iowa.

What you will learn:

Changes on genetic lines from a feeding standpoint; Her thoughts on Gilt feeding; Key areas of research needed in sow feeding today; Lessons learned on applied sow research; What separates successful swine professionals from those that are not.

Laura’s favorite swine-related book: The Lactating Sow

This episode was published by Lauro Faccin & Laihane Almeida.