SNBB 42 - Hilario Cordoba: When is the best time to remove feed prior to marketing?

swine nutrition blackbelt Nov 23, 2022

A common practice in the swine industry is to remove feed prior to marketing. This helps with feeder management as you don't have feed to clean out of the feeder, but it also helps the packer as full guts can create problems at the packing plant. In this episode, I talk with Hilario Cordoba about his study testing different feed removal times to find out how soon is too soon and what shifts in carcass weight you can expect at different timepoints.


Meet the guest:

Hilario Cordoba is a Ph.D. student at Kansas State University in applied swine nutrition. Originally he is from Argentina, where he first obtained a DVM and worked within the swine industry for 3 years before moving to the US. His research focus is on grow-finish pigs to study vitamin and mineral inclusions amounts as well as SID lysine to calorie ratios.