SNBB 40 - Bone mineralization responses to different nutrient levels.

swine nutrition blackbelt Nov 11, 2022

Given the growth rate of pigs, meeting nutritional needs for bone development and density are important for the proper growth and development of the animal until it reaches market weight. But in order to determine those requirements, we need to observe the animal’s bodily response to different dietary levels, and that requires a set of standard measurements and reference values. In this episode, I talk with Bo Williams about his study of feeding different levels of phosphorus, Vitamin D, and phytase and then measuring bone density and mineralization responses to develop reference values for different analytical methods.


Meet the guest:

Hadley (Bo) Williams is a Ph.D. student at Kansas State University advised by Dr. Mike Tokach. He received his Bachelor's Degree from Iowa State University and his Master’s Degree from KSU.. His current research focuses on validating a model on branched chain amino acids on finishing pig growth performance.