#31 - Dr. Lee-Anne Huber: What's all the buzz about this fly larvae meal?

swine nutrition blackbelt Sep 08, 2022

Feed prices continue to rise in the swine industry. With the contant fluctuations and unpredictability, we always need to evaluating the potential to use novel sources to provide pigs with nutrients. In this episode with Dr. Lee-Anne Huber, we talk about a black soldier fly larvae meal and its use in nursery diets and its cost and availability.


Meet the guest: Dr. Lee-Anne Huber was raised on a mixed farm of beef cattle and pigs just north of Guelph, Ontario. She decided to attend the University of Guelph with the intention of becoming a large animal veterinarian but discovered the world of swine nutrition research instead. After her BSc she continued with an MSc and PhD also at the University of Guelph and a post-doctoral fellowship at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dr. Huber's research program focuses on sustainability of swine production using nutrition as a tool. Currently, she is examining low-environmental impact feed ingredients, identifying means to improve the value of feed ingredients, and using precision agriculture to better meet and predict the nutrient requirements of lactating and gestating sows using novel feeding technologies and mathematical models.