#29 - Caitlyn Sullivan: Hybrid rye in swine diets - the pros and cons

swine nutrition blackbelt Aug 25, 2022

With fluctuations in pig diet ingredient costs, it is always prudent to have alternative feed ingredients priced and changes in gain and feed intake estimated in the event of a significant price increase of typical ingredients such as corn or soybean meal. In this episode, Caitlyn Sullivan and I discuss her trial of replacing increasing levels of corn with hybrid rye to see how it affects average daily gain, average daily feed intake, and gain-to-feed ratios for finisher pigs.


Meet the guest: Caitlyn Sullivan is pursuing an M.S. in Monogastric Nutrition at South Dakota State University under the supervision of Dr. Bob Thaler. Before attending South Dakota State, she received her B.S. in Animal Science with a Minor in Plant Science from the University of Missouri. Her thesis supports National Pork Board’s sustainability efforts, specifically with hybrid rye and its effects on growth performance, carcass characteristics, agronomic sustainability, and milling efficiency.