Swine Health Blackbelt #6 - Test, identify, and remove - a novel ASF farm response strategy by Li Peng

animal health swine health swine health blackbelt Jun 15, 2022

ASF continues to be prevalent internationally and can be an economically devastating disease for pig farmers. The United States has successfully kept the disease out of its borders but it is crucial that we are prepared to handle the situation if it finds its way in. In this episode, I talk with Li Peng about his work in China developing a new farm response strategy that is designed to quickly and effectively respond to an ASF outbreak to safely eliminate any risk of disease spread.


Meet the guest:

Li Peng (Jack) is an international graduate student from China studying under Dr. Daniel Linhares at Iowa State University. He specializes in field epidemiology and is also currently working for New Hope Swine Research Institute in China.