Diving deeper into the gastric ulcers in pigs by Agbee Kpogo

swine health blackbelt Aug 17, 2022

We’ve seen several studies on gastric ulcers being influenced by either feed outages or by particle size, but we still don’t know the exact physiological mechanism that causes the onset of these gastric ulcers. In this episode, I talk with Agbee Kpogo about his work continuing the research on gastric ulcers to further understand the mechanisms behind this animal welfare concern.


Meet the guest: 

Agbee Kpogo originally gew up in Ghana where he obtained his B.S. in Animal Sciences. After receiving his B.S., he moved to Canada to attend the University of Saskatchewan to obtain his M.S. in swine nutrition in 2017. He is still at the Univeristy of Saskatchewan currently working toward his Ph.D. in swine nutrition and physiology with his research focusing on pea starch and gastric ulcers.