Roundtable: Pig production in times of economic uncertainty - Dr. Chad Pilcher and Mark Hulsebus

miscellaneous Apr 05, 2020

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I wanted to introduce you to the Podcast Roundtable. This is a new series of episodes envisioned by Provimi and, where we will have bonus episodes in a roundtable format with experts of the global swine industry tackling subjects that can influence the producer’s bottom line.

On this first episode, I chatted with Dr. Chad Pilcher and Mark Hulsebus, both from Provimi, about “Pig production in times of economic uncertainty”.

Here are the highlights:

• COVID-19 situation and shifts among pig producers;

• Thoughts on managing a pork production business under economic uncertainty;

• The biggest aspects producers should consider right now from a nutrition standpoint;

• Overview on managing pig growth if/when packing plants reduce the number of shifts;

• Tips on maintaining lean operations and having cash reserves;

• Formulating for maximum profit versus minimum cost per kg of gain.

This episode was published by Lauro Faccin & Laihane Almeida.