Research, Innovation, and Economics in Pig Farming - Dr. Caleb Shull

animal research economics facts in pig research pigs research swine industry Jul 26, 2021


"The most important thing is clearly stating your objectives, regarding measuring and what you're trying to improve." - Dr. Caleb Shull

What you'll learn:

1. Research that has been published

2. Deciding which product to research

3. Onboarding with farm employees

4. Studying the design process

5. Replication

6. Data collection

7. Handling marketing components

8. Economics 

9. Closeout data vs. Controlled studies

10. Biggest opportunities

Meet the guest: As director of research and innovation for The Maschhoffs, Dr. Caleb Shull oversees the research and development program to innovate new approaches for genetic evaluation and progress. Caleb studied at the University of Illinois for his undergrad and graduate programs. He partnered with The Maschhoffs starting in 2008 to perform his master's and Ph.D. work in the area of modeling floor space requirements and growth of pigs in commercial environments.