Negotiation, knowledge gaps, and communication - Vance Crowe

miscellaneous Feb 15, 2021

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"When you're talking about how to impact the intransigent minority, you can't add more force with force. You have to recognize the intransigent minority is not the group you're negotiating with. You're negotiating with the group that's in the middle. And what they want to know is: do you understand the concerns of the people on the other side? Because if you do understand their point of view and you can show why your point of view addresses their needs, but yet they're still happy, then you have a far better chance of winning over the massive middle." – Vance Crowe

What you will learn:

- Millennial Engagement for Monsanto;
- The way we connect with consumers;
- Storytelling;
- Knowledge gaps;
- The intransigent minority;
- Long-term trends;
- Social media;
- Negotiation;
- The Dunning-Kruger Effect;
- Documentaries;
- Biggest lessons from his podcast;
- The Peter Thiel Paradox;
- Communications.

Meet the guest: Vance Crowe is a communications consultant that has worked for corporations and international organizations around the world. He is the former Director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto. He previously worked as a Communications Strategist for the World Bank Group, as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer stationed in Kenya, as a Communications Coordinator at a National Public Radio affiliate in Northern California, and as a deckhand on an eco-tourism ship that traveled the Western Hemisphere. Vance holds a degree in communications from Marquette University and a master's degree in cross-cultural negotiations from the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy.