Meat quality: what should you know - Dr. Emily Arkfeld

miscellaneous Aug 12, 2019

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Today’s episode will cover meat quality: what should you know.

“I think we're always working towards driving our product quality higher and continuing to meet ever-changing customer demands… and I think that's always going to require us to work at elevating product quality.” – Dr. Emily Arkfeld.

Our guest is Dr. Emily Arkfeld, one of the bright minds of the Global Swine Industry. Dr. Arkfeld is Director of Meat Science at Triumph Foods LLC, Masters Degree from Iowa State University and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois.

What you will learn:

- How did she get into pig production and her career;

- Introduction to Triumph Foods;

- Definition of pork quality;

- The most important factors that affect pork quality;

- The need to further elevate pork quality;

-  Beef quality grading system vs. Pork quality grading system;

- What sets apart successful swine professionals from those who are not.

Emily’s favorite swine-related book: Applied Muscle Biology and Meat Science
Emily’s favorite book unrelated to swine: Mistakes Were Made (but Not by Me)

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