Innovation, immunocastrated gilts, retirement, and living your best life - Dr. Steve Pollmann

production and management Oct 19, 2020

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“One of the biggest challenges we have is to get people to think about what is the grams of digestible lysine intake per day by phase, and then in most cases, we don't know the feed intake very well and we're very comfortable saying we feed 1.5% digestible lysine but what we need to be looking at is 18 grams of digestible lysine in the first phase and about 24 grams in the latter phases and then you back into what is that as a percent of the diet.” – Dr. Steve Pollmann


What you will learn:

Immunocastration in gilts:

What do you need to know;

Lysine requirements for intact males;

The one thing many people disagreed with Dr. Pollmann;

What can we learn from Tesla about innovation? How can we implement it in our industry?

The challenge of retirement: how to make the transition.


Meet the guest: Dr. Pollman has worked in academia doing research, teaching, and extension. Additionally, he worked in the feed industry on product development, technical services, quality control programs, diet formulation, and customer support in all livestock species. Become the Director of Operations and a few years later become the President of the Western Operations for Murphy-Brown LLC, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods. Retired in 2014 and since he wanted to maintain some involvement in the industry, he started DSP Consulting LLC working with several clients with product development needs, pork production support, and team building.

This episode was published by Lauro Faccin & Laihane Almeida.