Impactful, repeatable, and applied research in swine production - Dr. Ashley DeDecker

research Jan 03, 2020

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“If I had a crystal ball, I think we are going to see a lot of animal scientists and tech companies trying to solve problems together. I cannot make an algorithm; I am an animal scientist so I think there is a lot of room for collaboration.” – Dr. Ashley DeDecker.

Today’s episode will cover “Impactful, repeatable, and applied research in swine production”.

Our guest is Dr. Ashley DeDecker, the Director of Production Research for Smithfield’s Hog Production Division, B.S. in Animal Science at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and Ph.D. in swine behavior and stress physiology at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

What you will learn:

Commercial research, field trial, trial, and “try it”; How to calculate the impact of research and profit across the system; The research prioritization matrix; Top research objectives for the long-term; What separates successful swine professionals from those that are not.

Ashley’s favorite swine-related book: Boss Hog: The Legacy of Wendell H. Murphy

Ashley’s favorite book unrelated to swine: Dan Brown’s books

This episode was published by Lauro Faccin & Laihane Almeida.