Hold on to your hats!

swine o'clock Sep 23, 2022

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and farmers have said that Proposition 12 will directly increase the cost of raising pigs and ultimately, the cost of pork for consumers.

  • Farmers claim that people like pork because of its versatility, especially during times of inflation, so increasing costs will limit consumer options.
  • Many pig farmers will be forced to go out of business because they just can’t make the financial commitments demanded by Prop 12. 
  • Arguments also point out that the standards set by the proposition have no scientific basis when it comes to animal welfare, not to mention the fact that they incur more costs with material and energy wastage. 
  • Another concern is that a more costly production will result in more expensive meat, but prices will not be accepted by either the domestic market or international buyers – so the production may come to a halt.

The pork industry is holding on to their hats for October 11. That’s when NPPC and the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) will present their case before the US Supreme Court on why Proposition 12 should be reversed. Check out the details here.