Introducing gilts into the sow herd - strategies and challenges - Dr. Keith Aljets

challenges disease challenge gilts pcv-2 sow longevity sow productivity sows Nov 30, 2021

Gilt development has been a struggle in the industry for years. In  a sow operation it is often regarded as one of the most important pieces, as the largest group of animals bred are typically gilts. In his talk with Dr. Greiner, Dr. Keith Aljets discusses some of the most difficult challenges with gilt development, and important factors we need to consider when trying to overcome these hurdles.


What you will learn:


1. Gilt development


2. Key points on gilt introduction


3. What’s the best strategy to bring gilts in


4. Managing health protocols for gilts


5. Recommendations for Mycoplasma exposure


6. Other challenges for gilt introduction


7. The “must do” in gilt development


8. Sow mortality


9. PCV-2


10. PCV-2 virus detection


11. Key points


Meet the guest: Dr. Keith Aljets began working at Veterinary Medical Center in 1990 after graduating from the Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine. He continued his education beyond a DVM and completed the Executive Veterinary Program at the University of Illinois in 1998. Dr. Aljets' primary focuses are in swine production medicine and sow farm management.