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swine o'clock Sep 05, 2022

You, and all the best experts in swine nutrition, know just how to get the most out of any production. But what about getting the most out of yourself? Food (or feed) for thought... Fortunately, the  Swine Nutrition Blackbelt exists! It’s the podcast that digests all the latest research in your area into 9-minute episodes.

  • In the latest episode, our host, Clayton Chastain, talks to Dr. Dalton Humphrey about nitrogen and ammonia emissions. They’re a constant concern for animal sustainability as the amount of pork produced around the world increases, but is it possible to reduce emissions without hindering average daily gain?

To learn more, check out the full episode! It’s available on all major platforms, so you can listen anytime, anywhere. Cutting-edge learning has never been this easy