Flying to save the day! โญ

swine o'clock May 24, 2023

๐Ÿ’ก Choosing the ideal gut health additive became a regular task for many nutritionists and vets around the globe. However, regardless of the fact that the words "gut", "intestinal" and/or "enteric" are clearly related, defining gut health isn’t always as straightforward as we might've hoped, huh? An optimal gut health strategy should maintain or enhance the animal's ability to maximize nutrient utilization, support gut tissue integrity, improve gut microbial balance, and finally, support their immune system. The key to balancing these four gut health pillars lies in the enhancement of fiber fermentation of dietary feedstuffs.

๐Ÿฆธ That's where Signis comes flying to save the day! Signis is a stimbiotic, a functional class of feed additive that optimizes the use of dietary fiber by accelerating the establishment of the microbiome to be more efficient at fiber fermentation. It results in increased VFA production, reduced protein fermentation, more favorable hindgut conditions for the animal, and of course, better health and productivity. Click here to see what Signis is all about!

  • If you wanna hear more about the stimbiotic, be sure to watch this video too!