Swine it Podcast #135 โ€“ Emerging E. coli in the nursery - why are we seeing this?

disease challenge pig health pig performance pig production Mar 08, 2022

E. coli has been an issue in several nurseries across the United States. Scours, death loss, and poor gain have all been issues that producers with affected herds have had to deal with. In today’s roundtable talk, Dr. Dean Boyd, Dr. Ken Mooney, and Dr. Kathryn Price, all discuss different methods for identifying the source of infection as well as potential nutritional solutions to help ameliorate the negative effects caused by E. coli infection in nursery barns.



   What you'll learn:

  1. The progress with E.coli management in the last three years
  2. Why are we dealing with this reemergence now?
  3. E.coli prevalence in pigs’ herds
  4. Nutrition interventions against E.coli
  5. Zinc levels
  6. Benefits of fibers on early pigs
  7. Thoughts on creep feeding to reduce bacteria load
  8. Nutrition perspective back at sow farm
  9. Key points

Meet the guests: 

During his time at Cornell University, Dr. Dean Boyd earned a reputation as an expert in the regulation of nutrient use for growth. He achieved his career climax as Technical Director and Head Nutritionist of the Hanor Company and Triumph Foods group (2002-2017). Currently, he is a nutrition researcher and adjunct professor at North Carolina State University and Iowa State University. He also received the Animal Nutrition Research award for distinguished contributions in 2016.

Dr. Ken Mooney is a swine nutritionist at Cargill. By working closely with top pork producers, he ensures that they stay competitive. Because of his passion for nutrition, he makes sure to implement leading-edge technology into the diet plans he designs. Problem solving with his team of nutritionists allows for quick solutions when issues arise on the farm. As a mentor, Ken enjoys sharing his knowledge of swine nutrition and the importance of their role in the success of the customers with nutritional assistants and sales staff.

A member of the Swine Nutrition and Technical Team at Cargill, Dr. Kathryn Price has a deep understanding of swine nutrition. Kathryn excels at launching and implementing successful products that are tailored to the needs of swine customers. She combines purchasing, formulation, pricing, and manufacturing cross-functionally to ensure innovative product strategy.