Disease surveillance - how S.H.I.P can help - Dr. Jeff Zimmerman

disease challenge disease control disease management pig farm biosecurity pig production Dec 13, 2021

Welcome back - One of the most discussed topics in the swine industry currently is African Swine Fever. We are terrified of this disease spreading through our country due to the economic devastation that it leaves in its wake. That is why we need to have measures actively in place to help monitor this disease across the US so if it makes its way into our borders, we can eradicate it before it spreads. In this episode, Dr. Zimmerman discusses a new program being set in place, S.H.I.P, that could help us monitor and control the spread of foreign animal diseases, so we can eliminate the disease before it does the same to the US swine population. 

What you will learn:


1. The US S.H.I.P. Program


2. NPIP for the swine producers


3. S.H.I.P. Certification


4. Surveillance and samples


5. Certification requirements


6. Foreign animal disease surveillance


7. Sampling frequency


8. What vets can do to help


9. Key points  

Meet the guest: Dr. Jeff Zimmerman has been  a professor at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine working in the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine for the last 31 years. Dr. Zimmerman’s main areas of focus include swine infectious disease ecology, epidemiology, and economics. His recent research has focused on aspects of diagnostic medicine related to infectious disease surveillance, with the long-term goal of creating and implementing affordable, statistically-valid swine health surveillance - a critical need for swine producers everywhere. In collaboration with generous colleagues and hard-working graduate students, Dr. Zimmerman has authored/co-authored approximately 165 referenced publications and co-edited Diseases of Swine (9th, 10th, and 11th editions).