Cooperation and preparation

swine o'clock Sep 05, 2022

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will provide training and veterinary support to 30,000 producers in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to control and eradicate African swine fever (ASF). The idea is to help small farmers, in particular, and to strengthen the countries’ preparation against the disease. 

  • A plan to prepare Latin America and the Caribbean against outbreaks is also included.
  • The Dominican Republic and Haiti could be an open door for the contamination of its close neighbor, the US, and other major producers such as Brazil, Canada, Argentina, and Chile.

The FAO and the Caribbean Animal Health Network have also launched online training against ASF for veterinary professionals and technicians involved in the diagnosis, investigation, and response to the disease. It combines a self-paced study with a unique opportunity to discuss and implement solutions with national and international experts.