Episode #2 ASF contamination in swine feed mills - how effective is flushing the line?

asf biosecurity production swine nutritionist swine diets swine nutrition swine nutritionist Feb 17, 2022

Welcome back - As the danger of ASF looms over our heads, it’s important that we have a gameplan for it if gets into the US. In today’s talk with Clayton Chastain, Dr. Cassie Jones discusses the results of a study that tests the effectiveness of flushing ASF out of the lines of a feed mill if the feed mill ever made a batch of ASF positive feed. Could this help reduce the spread of ASF in feed? Listen to this short podcast to find out!


Dr. Cassie Jones is a Professor at Kansas State University. She earned her B.S. and M.S. in swine nutrition at Kansas State University and her Ph.D. in nutritional sciences at Iowa State University. At K-State, Dr. Jones coordinates the Department’s undergraduate teaching program, which has more than 900 students and generates more than 30,000 academic credits annually. She teaches undergraduate and graduate-level courses in animal nutrition and research methodologies. Dr. Jones also has a robust research program as part of the Feed Safety Team, an interdisciplinary group of nutritionists, veterinarians, and feed scientists that work together to better understand pathogen transmission through feed and ingredients. Dr. Jones’ most recent research focuses on understanding and preventing African swine fever virus entry into farms through swine feed. She is a regular resource to government and industry partners as they build science-based policy and implement best-practices. She and her husband, Spencer, have three children, Ty, Hayden, and Hadley, and raise Angus cattle near Wamego.

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