An interesting alternative ๐Ÿ’ก

swine o'clock Oct 12, 2022

Do you know what are the key components that have to be considered when formulating high fiber diets for the gestating sow in the US?

  • The level of total dietary fiber (TDF) can be low in US gestating sow diets, but adding greater levels may positively impact performance

The type of the fiber also plays a significant role in sow performance parameters. 

  • Increasing soluble dietary fiber (SDF) boosts the fermentation and energy status of the sow.

Unfortunately, there are very few ingredients available in the US that provide a meaningful amount of SDF to the diet. 

  • The sources can be costly or largely unavailable to the swine market – sugar beet pulp is a prime example. 

So in order to have soluble fiber fractions and greater fermentability, feed technologies will need to be explored as an alternative strategy.

  • The application of new technologies such as Signis, a stimbiotic, is an opportunity for increasing the fibrolytic species of the microbiota of swine – and consequently increase fiber digestion, hindgut fermentation, and SCFA production. 

The use of Signis may very well be an economically viable and alternative solution. Learn more here.