Add that to the list… ✅

swine o'clock Nov 04, 2022

💸 There’s a whole lot we could add to our list of uncertainties lately… Sadly, we can now add food prices too.  


  • It’s no news that inflation is outpacing wage growth and will have an impact on protein consumption in Q4 2022 and the first half of 2023. We talked about this before, here.


👀 So here’s what is bound to happen in the near future:


  • Consumers will continue seeking out lower-value cuts and limiting foodservice purchases. 


  • Holiday sales will test the market’s resilience and its ability to absorb premiums. 


  • Lower GDP growth expectations will slow herd-rebuilding efforts.


  • Logistics will continue to be an issue.


  • And most importantly, after disappointing harvests in the US, parts of Europe, and Asia, grain and oilseed inventories are near record lows and prices at historical highs